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     Preparing for 2018

    “There is nothing magical about the flip of the calendar, but it represents a clean break, a new hope and a blank canvas.”  - Jason Soroski

    I consider myself both humbled and blessed to be living and working in this great community we all call home, Destin, Florida.   Humbled, because of the great opportunity presented to me in 2009 to be able to take the reins of Destin Commons and blessed because of the many great people, businesses and organizations that I have gotten to know during my time here.

    As with any New Year, we should take pause to review what our prior year was like and what we can do to make the next one even better than the last.  Personally, 2017 had some ups and downs for me, the birth of my 4th grandchild and the loss of my mother, among others.  That, my friends, is life. We win and we lose, we laugh and we cry, we celebrate and we mourn, but we move on.

    Another blessing for me is the honor of being the 2018 Destin Chamber Chairman of the Board.  Knowing and learning from the many great Board members and Chairmen that I have been associated with over these last five years has provided me with the ability to assume a role that has been superbly managed for longer than I have been in Destin.

    To the Board members that are retiring, thank you for your service, your guidance and most of all your friendship!  To the continuing Board members, thank you for all of the above, as well as the support you will provide me with this year.  To my special appointees, thank you for being there when called and especially for being such outstanding community leaders.

    To the Chamber staff, especially President and CEO, Shane Moody, I am at your service, as well as your beck and call.  I appreciate the relationship we have developed and hope that I can continue to serve you and the community in ways that benefit everyone.

    To all the Destin Chamber members, please know that I am here to serve you and to assist you with any and all issues you feel I or the Chamber can help with.  Your business, while unique, has many common needs with other businesses in the area, and it is my desire to provide great understanding of those issues, while at the same time help to guide the conversation to solving any problems that affect each and every one of you.

    To the Destin community as a whole, please, get involved and consider joining the Chamber, if you do not already belong!

    All of us working together will enable us to face the challenges ahead and create a community we are all proud to live and work in.

    Bob Perry
    2018 Destin Chamber Chairman of the Board
    Destin Commons



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