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    Julie Cotton - Northwest Florida State College Chairman’s Message: Be a Story Starter…‚Äč
    March 6, 2019

    During last week’s inaugural Destin Chamber Tourism Committee Meeting, Jennifer Adams, Okaloosa County Tourist Development Department’s Executive Director, shared the TDC’s new photography being used in the marketing of our area. Her message was these pictures are “Story Starters!”  They are active, lively and vibrant and are of activities in our area that locals and guests enjoy. The Destin Chamber, by starting the Tourism Committee, has started a new story, one that will help shape the hospitality industry in Destin. The 47 hospitality professionals that gathered last week at Brotula's Seafood House & Steamer on the Destin Harbor are helping start stories for guests that will visit our area this season. Partnerships, such as the one between the Chamber and TDC, provide avenues for our members to gain valuable insight on the benefits of the TDC’s efforts and its impact on our businesses. 

    I want to thank board members Michelle Terry and Ken Wampler for their leadership in developing the Tourism Committee. It is dedicated professionals, like Michelle, Ken, Shane and our Chamber Team, who listen to our member’s requests and respond. Check your e-news for more information on the next meeting. The information shared at these meetings will help you start new stories for your business and team members.      

    The Destin Chamber is also a Story Starter for members though programs and events. Programs, such as Destin Forward, open doors for friendships among business professionals. Look at the teamwork it took to put on a sold out event like Pins & Pancakes hosted at Uncle Buck's Fish Bowl & Grill at Destin Commons. Congratulations on the success of this event! The April 18 Golf Tournament to be held at Emerald Bay Golf Club will provide opportunities for people to conduct business and network in a relaxed atmosphere. The Military Affairs Council (MAC) Meetings, held monthly, provide valuable information on our military and opportunities for our members to provide support. Each one of these events, programs and meetings tell a story. 

    You may ask, “I am not involved in these events, programs or meetings mentioned, so how am I a Story Starter?” We all help create stories or memories for guests that visit our area. The simplest gesture may just be what that guest remembers about his or her experience in Destin. So as we gear up for our spring break season, I challenged us all to be Story Starters for someone or for our business.

    “Advocating for business…strengthening our community” is the mission of the Destin Chamber. Providing opportunities for businesses to tell their own story is part of our mission. There are numerous upcoming events for you to share your story with others. Please contact our Chamber Team for options available to you, our members.  

    Cheers to 2019 and beyond,
    Julie Cotton, Northwest Florida State College
    2019 Destin Chamber Chairman  


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