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    The Blake at Miramar Beach
    Job Description
    The Culture and Retention Specialist is a community-based resource and is responsible for providing timely, accurate information and support to management and team members for recruitment selection, community team member engagement, and acts as a champion of culture and retention initiatives.  The Culture and Retention Specialist will lead initiatives designed to improve employee engagement, satisfaction, experience and loyalty.
    Scope & Status:   Non- Exempt
    The Culture and Retention Specialist (CRS) reports directly to the Executive Director and is an active participant in the daily morning leadership meeting and assists with the initial orientation of new team members; as well as supporting the QSLM monthly all-staff meetings.  The CRS has the authority to hire at the discretion and direction of the Executive Director.
    1. Participates in daily team meetings.
    2. Interacts with employees and prospects.
    3. May coordinate administrative functions for department directors.
    4. Reports directly to the Executive Director.
    5. Works closely with department directors and HR to support recruiting, training and employee rewards initiatives.
    6. Accepts supervision authority as a manager-on-duty according to the company’s MOD program and calendar.
    To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform and complete each essential duty satisfactorily, have excellent oral and written communication and language skills to enable them to perform their duties, must have and maintain a high level of confidentiality, and interact effectively with community personnel. In addition, the individual must demonstrate skills and values that naturally support recruiting and employee engagement strategies.  This position requires a strong working knowledge and skills related to software programs, such as Excel and Microsoft Word, as well as additional applicant tracking software programs.  A high school diploma or GED is required, as well as experience in the health care industry.   Experience in hospitality or the senior living industry is also highly preferred.
    Areas of Responsibility:
    1. Recruitment and Selection
    a. Handles full lifecycle recruiting for open positions below Director level positions.
    b. Champion of Applicant Tracking and Onboarding systems and supports the community in the full 
    use of this technology.  The following platforms are included:  OnShift, Relias, Efficient Apply and Efficient Hire.
    c. Establishes relationships with local colleges and various institutions to assist in developing a pipeline of viable candidates.
    d. Participates in job fairs or conducts them to drive brand recognition in the community and become an employer of choice in the senior living community.
    e. Conducts the initial phone and/or in-person interviews with prospective candidates.
    f. Facilitates new hire orientation program and supports training initiatives.
    g. Ensures company values and mission is included in all recruiting endeavors.  Utilizes the QSLM hiring and onboarding policy and procedure to facilitate a successful and positive experience for new team members.
    2. Retention
    a. Supports the onboarding process for all new front-line hires to further drive our brand and culture adoption.
    b. Ensures culture initiatives are followed and maintained such as, welcome gift to new employees, interest sheets for new hires, acknowledge and recognize milestones within the life of the employee; and leads in employee recognition and awards programs, such as “employee of the month”, “bright ideas”, assisted living appreciation week, nursing appreciation week, etc.
    c. Initiates and conducts new hire check-in’s to ensure all questions have been answered, training has occurred, and adoption of culture is taking place.  Prepare weekly reports for community leadership on progress and any opportunities as required by company policy and/or the Executive Director.
    3. Culture
    a. Implements corporate initiatives related to awards, recognition and “bright idea” initiatives.
    b. Recommends community-based initiatives to drive local employee engagement.
    c. Utilizes the QSLM monthly all-staff training calendar to create agendas and activities for the monthly all-staff training meetings.
    4. Supportive Services
    a. Models professionalism, compassion and courtesy at all times
    b. Assists in the dining room as requested by the Executive Director.
    c. Supports and participates in team marketing.
    d. Assists during open house events.

    5. Regulation and Policy Compliance
    a. Complies with all QSLM/The Blake policies and procedures.
    b. Maintains Federal, State, County and City regulations.
    Physical Requirements of the Job:
    - Sit frequently for up to, and at times exceeding one hour, but punctuated by frequent arising from the chair to stand.
    - Stand frequently, punctuated by opportunity to sit at varying intervals.
    - Walk level surfaces frequently, but rarely exceeding 150 feet at any one time.
    - Walk stairs on an occasional basis, with opportunity to utilize elevator as alternate resource.
    - Bends at the waist, knees and hips on a frequent basis while filing paperwork or reaching for items. 
    - Performs squats on an occasional basis to reach below knee to file paperwork or reach items.
    - Performs a twist or rotation at the trunk, hips, knees and neck while reaching for items.
    - Reaches on a frequent basis while sorting and filing. May occasionally reach overhead and below waist when filing or sorting paperwork or light weight items.
    - Constant requirement for hand dexterity for typing, telephone usage, paperwork sorting and Dexterity filing.
    - Must be able to read clearly with or without corrective lenses.
    - Must be able to hear telephone, audible alarms, bells, and signals related to resident safety with or without hearing devices. 
    - Must have strong command of the English language sufficient to read and write and Language interpret medical and administrative information and to respond in an emergency situation.
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