• 10 Social Media Tips to Keep Up with Challenges

    Social media can be a great way to make your business stand out in today's competitive environment. 
    The best way to stay ahead in this fast-paced world is by following the latest trends. Keep up with what's trending and you'll always have a fighting chance! The key is promoting only the best of what you have, and not just trying everything at once!
    Create a specific strategy for each social media platform
    Create content that works 
    Be consistent, research & focus your messaging
    Turn social media into a customer support platform
    Run ads to make your social media posts visible
    Monitor (normal work hours), measure & analyze results
    Invest in video content, create using apps and templates 
    Listen in a social way and interact with your audience 
    Don’t forget to add changes in your work schedule on social media pages
    A/B test whenever possible
    To make sure you’re getting the best results from your social media marketing, you need to be accurately tracking and measuring your efforts. Over 40% of businesses don’t accurately track their social media ROI at all, which means there’s no easy way of knowing whether or not your strategy is working.
    To simplify your tracking process, identify key metrics that are important to your brand.
    Some of the metrics that you want to look for include:
    Reach and engagement for Facebook
    Impressions, retweets, and mentions on Twitter
    Clicks, impressions, and interactions on LinkedIn
    Engagement and impressions on Pinterest
    Likes, comments, and mentions on Instagram
    Views and engagements on Instagram Stories
    If you have any questions regarding this marketing checklist, be sure to reach out to the experts at AB+Production at info@abplusproduction.com.

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