• 3 Tips for Content Marketing from AB+Production, LLC

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    August 28, 2020
    One of the most effective methods for spreading brand awareness and attracting new customers to your business is through content marketing. We chose three effective content marketing tips for you:

    1. Document Your Content Marketing Strategy 
    Writing down your content plan provides you and your team with structure and discipline, but most importantly guidance. You need to be able to track your progress to identify what’s working and what’s not. This allows you to alter your strategy accordingly, reduce unnecessary expenses, and stay on track.
    2. Implement Info-graphics 
    When you’re producing content, you need to think of the reader, and the potential buyer. If you want to keep your target audience engaged, white papers will simply not cut it. Info-graphics are a great tool to use. They make your content stand out, keeps the reader interested, and gets you more exposure.

    3. Use Search Engine Marketing and LinkedIn
    You simply cannot ignore LinkedIn, the world’s largest business network.The multitude of tools and features within this platform allows for exciting marketing opportunities. Though paid search marketing is a bit on the expensive side, it’s still a very effective method to generate traffic. You get to set your own budget, measure the results, and assess the return on your investment.

    If you need assistance with any of the steps above, contact us today and schedule your free consultation!
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