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    August 25, 2020
    When starting a podcast, you want to start a podcast that will get listeners not because they know you, but because they get value from each episode. To do that, you’re going to need a plan. Successful podcasts that outlast trends, stand out from the competitors, and remain relevant have a plan. Before recording your first episode, follow these 6 steps to launch a successful podcast in any market. 

    1. Determine the Style of Your Podcast
    Really successful podcasts have a consistent concept and style. Think about which of the following would be the best fit to reach your audience:
    -Location Based
    -Mix Between Teaching/Interview/Case Study
    -Mini Series 

    2. Decide on Episode Length
    Successful podcasts also tend to produce shows of a consistent length. To decide on your episode length, think about your audience. How much free time do they have? Also think about how knowledgeable your audience is compared to the complexity of your topic. Are you giving basic knowledge, allowing you to probably keep episodes relatively short, or are you creating a show that focuses on a more detailed topic, which likely needs more time to delve into its complex material.  

    3. Figure Out How Often You'll Publish
    Having a consistent publishing schedule is an extremely important factor in a podcast’s success. Publishing consistently will help you build a loyal audience who will know when to expect a new episode. This will help to ensure people keep coming back and download your podcast. And having consistent downloads is a key factor for having good rankings. 

    4. Decide on a Title 
    Your podcast’s title is important. Ideally, it will grab people’s attention, promise a benefit, and give them a hint as to what your podcast is about. To help get you started, look up some similar podcasts in your niche and use their titles as inspiration. It’s also a smart idea to perform some keyword research. If there is a relevant keyword that makes sense for your podcast, work it into your title. Use Google Keyword Planner to look up the search volume. 

    5. Write Your iTunes Summary 
    Your iTunes summary is the place to tell visitors, in more detail, exactly what your show is about. You want to use this space to tell people what problem you will help them solve, and any other reasons why they should listen to your podcast. So, you are going to want to write in a way that grabs people’s attention. 

    6.Create Artwork for Your Podcast That Meets iTunes' Requirements
    Your podcast artwork is extremely important. A good podcast icon will stand out and grab attention. And just like your title, you’ll want this to speak to your specific audience. Here are a few suggestions for your podcast artwork: 
    -Try using bright colors that stand out 
    -Consider adding an image of yourself to foster a personal connection 
    -Make sure your image is easy to see and read on mobile

    ​To meet iTunes’s requirements, your image needs to be at least 1400 x 1400 pixels, with a maximum of 3000 x 3000 pixels.

    Click here to listen to one of AB+Production, LLC, client's latest video podcasts series and see these steps in action.

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