• BBB Media Alert – Scammer Posing as Local Bail Bondsman

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    August 30, 2021
    Your BBB has received reports of a current scam in the Pensacola Area. Someone is calling residents claiming to be from ‘Davis Bail Bonds’ informing them that a family member is in jail and they need to pay their bond to get them out.

    BBB contacted the owner of Davis Bail Bonds, Mr. Tony Davis, and learned that he, too, has been fielding inquires as to the legitimacy of these calls for the last few weeks. 

    It seems the scammer is finding persons that are either in jail/prison or were recently arrested (names, birthdate, address, etc.), perhaps online, and contacting family members’ (victims) impersonating someone from Davis Bail Bonds. 

    Contact information that scammers have provided to the victims include the following names, phone numbers, and payment information through electronic methods:  
    - Tony Davis with Tony Davis Bail Bonds, 2415 Pace Blvd, Pensacola, FL, Ph 850-776-7426.
    - Shawn Black, Black Taylor, and Renia Morrow, supposedly clerks in Mr. Davis’s Escambia County office.
    - Cash App: Black Taylor_User Name: $Irry36  
    - Cash App: Renia Morrow with User name $ReniaM1
    - Other phone numbers include: 850 247-3055 and 850 776-7427
    - Payment methods: Cash App and  Venmo

    The caller tells the family member one or more of the following scenarios: that a ticket needs to be paid; there’s a fine and court cost in another county or state (at least one victim lives in South Florida); the defendant has a ‘no bond’ warrant but they can get a bond and get their loved one out the same day; their loved one has been injured while in jail and needs medical attention.

    Your BBB is cautioning consumers to be on alert when answering calls that their loved ones are in trouble and money is needed right away. You should never give money (via pre-paid cards, cash, wire transfer, cash app, etc.) to anyone you do not know and always check with your loved one as to their current situation. Should you find out that your loved one is, in fact, in trouble, contact the bail bondsman through your own research and not from contact information provided by the caller.
    For additional information and advice you can trust, start with bbb.org/nwfl.
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