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    August 24, 2021
    The AI Takeover
    Recently, we've been hearing a lot of concern regarding how AI is disrupting the marketing industry, specifically in copywriting.

    Many copywriters from freelancers, contractors, to employees are worried... with good reason. According to a recent article in Ad Age magazine, Chase Bank, one of the largest companies in the world, is already replacing some of its copywriters with AI.

    Chase did split testing and found that copy written by AI algorithms outperformed their human copywriters. It was by such a convincing margin that the bank closed a five-year deal to start using the technology to write its copy across multiple platforms.

    Crazy, right?

    For everyone worried that AI is coming for their jobs, let's put things into perspective.

    Yes, AI is the jet fuel that is powering the info-tech revolution, and it is inevitable. This means that AI will replace jobs that have traditionally been done by people.

    That being said... this is nothing new!

    Advancements in technology have been replacing human labor since the first rock was put on the end of a spear. Still, people have reacted with the same resistance to disruptive technologies throughout time, just like the printing press, the automobile, and the assembly line.

    The result?

    The pattern is always the same. Each time, the advancement in technology has always led to humans doing more high-value work with less effort, stress, and time.

    This means that for you, AI advancements in copywriting will allow you to pump out more high-converting ads, emails, and sales letters.

    Which means... you can sell more products and services!

    But none of that is going to happen unless you can:
        •    Conceive a plan
        •    Research the subject matter
        •    Find an angle
        •    Know what resonates with your audience
        •    Fill in the necessary gaps
    And so much more...

    Initiative and creativity are all still directly in the domain of us humans...at least for now 😉.

    I hope that puts most of you at ease, but it also means copywriting is still incredibly hard!

    So, if you need help from humans, we are just an email away at info@abplusproduction.com

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