• Customer Value Journey Step 4: Conversion

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    June 24, 2020
    AB+Production LLC
    In the previous email, we discussed how to gain more subscribers, and are continuing to engage them. 
    Today, we will focus on the next step of Customer Value Journey: Step 4: Conversion.
    As you gain more subscribers and are continuing to engage them, some of them will be ready to increase their level of commitment.
    They like the information you share and have begun to trust you, so they are ready to invest in two ways: either with time or money.
    The key to success in this stage is to employ what we call “entry-point offers.” These offers are designed to give the new prospect tremendous value without forcing them to put too much “skin in the game.” At this stage, to ask for a significant investment in a product or service would be asking too much, too soon.
    You are still in the early stages of your relationship. In fact, it is too early to even concern yourself with profitability.
    That’s right: in this stage of Customer Journey, you might lose money on the prospects you acquire as buyers.
    This is the most important lesson you must learn so it bears repeating: The conversion stage of the Customer Value Journey is about acquiring buyers or ramping up the commitment level of the leads you already have.
    It is NOT about profitability.
    The most valuable businesses in the world all understand that the costliest marketing activity your business undertakes is customer acquisition.

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