• Customer Value Journey Step 5: Excitement

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    July 01, 2020
    AB+ Production

    In the previous email, we discussed how to get initial conversion and acquire new customers. Today, we will focus on the next step of Customer Value Journey: Step 5: Excitement 
    At this point, your customer has had transactions with you. Your goal is to make sure that they get value from their transaction. You also need to make sure that the transaction is a good one – the excitement of the purchase develops into goodwill and trust.
    The reason for this is simple: If a customer doesn’t feel they get value from this transaction, they won’t move on to the next stage and purchase more products or services from you.
    So, how do you make sure your customers have a good experience? First, we assume that whatever the prospect purchased or gave up valuable time for is outstanding.
    Second, the prospect must get value from their last transaction with you.
    The “Excitement” stage of the Customer Value Journey is something you must return to again and again. Every time, it should create excitement.
    Whenever a customer or prospect does what you ask them to do (eg. Attend a webinar, buy products, hire me for the service…), you should engineer your marketing to maximize the chance that they will get tangible value from the experience.
    Here are some examples of excitement:
    - A new user of Spotify music streaming app goes through an instructional walkthrough teaching her how to build a playlist of her favorite songs.
    - A married couple buys a Keurig coffee maker and uses the free coffee servings and Quick Start Guide to have an amazing cup of coffee within minutes of opening the box.
    - A young man reads through 3 eye-opening blog posts recommended via email by his newly hired Life Coach in advance of their first coaching session.
    This stage is all about ensuring that your marketing is giving your customers the opportunity to get value from doing business with you and to enjoy that value right away.
    Evernote is a cloud-based note-taking app that you can use to sync notes between your computer, phone, and tablet. It has a lot of useful features. Evernote knows that, in order to really hook new users and turn them into long-lasting customers, they have to make sure new users are successful with the app. That’s why Evernote sends you these educational emails when you sign up for a new account. These emails contain tips that will help the user to get more value out of the application, making you more excited about it and more likely to use it.
    Stay tuned for the next episode where we will talk about Step 6: Ascend.
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