• Customer Value Journey Step 6: Ascension

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    July 09, 2020
    AB+ Production
    Welcome back to our series about Customer Value Journey.
    In the previous segments, we talked about how to: 
    - Gain your customer's attention
    - Get them to engage  
    - Ask them to subscribe
    - Convert them into buyers 
    - Excite them
    Now it is finally time for step 6 in the customer value journey which we call “ascension”.
    Step 6: Ascension 
    Ascension happens after a new customer makes a purchase they are happy with and are ready for more. This is where you would upsell additional services to your already converted customers.
    Since they are already hooked onto your services, they are likely to partake in other things that you have to offer and the retention is higher.
    If your entry-point offer is for conversion, this stage now focuses on profits.
    Here is what your goal should be:
    Make them feel satisfied and wanting to buy more.
    How again?
    You could offer simple upsells that are fancier, better or “done for you” add-ons.
    The odds are since they already purchased and were satisfied, they will take you up on your upsell offer!
    Here are some examples of ascension:
    - Canon offers a new digital camera for $1,895 and adds a lens, camera bag and tripod bundle for an additional price of $699.
    - A woman with a brand-new Mercedes buys an unlimited car wash package for $40 per month instead of paying for each car wash individually.
    In order to ascend more customers, here are the digital marketing tactics you should use:
    - Email marketing
    - Digital advertising
    - Content marketing
    Stay tuned for the next episode where we will talk about Step 7: Advocate.
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