• Facebook Ad Design Quick Tip #2: Add Social Proof

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    September 28, 2020
    Do you know what the most influential emotion in a purchase decision is?  Fear

    People resist buying your product because they fear losing money; people are more afraid of losing something than they are excited about gaining something.

    Address customers’ fears by adding social proof to your Facebook Ad Designs. Social proof is visible representation of previous customer experiences. It can come in the form of likes and shares, but it can also take the form of testimonials.

    An example from Brass mentions that their pants are worn by “more than 5,000 women.” That alone is a big statement of social proof. Then they show multiple women in different body sizes in the video wearing the pants to show their versatility.
    Ask yourself: What ways can I reduce customer uncertainty and increase my product's credibility?

    For more tips, visit www.facebook.com/abplusproduction.
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