• Facebook Ad Quick Tip #1: Always Test Multiple Designs!

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    September 21, 2020
    Remember that consumer behaviors change, ad formatting changes, and new ad placements roll out constantly, affecting otherwise stable results.

    Every time you are creating a new campaign, take the time to come up with at least 4 different Facebook Ad Designs and then split test.

    Different audiences will respond to different images, as will users at different stages of the digital sales funnel. There is no way to know until you try.

    So, remember to test everything, even the craziest ideas. Then mix it up to keep things fresh: vary both copy text and images to reduce ad fatigue. Also avoid high ad frequency, which can decrease ad effectiveness.

    Want to make this easy? Facebook offers split testing options, allowing you to upload multiple text and image options at once to a single campaign. As the campaigns run, Facebook will automatically optimize your campaigns based on the results, automatically increasing the likelihood of success.

    For more information, contact AB+Production, LLC.
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