• Facebook Launches Reels to US Users

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    October 11, 2021
    I mean, it was probably to be expected. Copycat fighting for users! 

    Just days after TikTok announced that it had reached a billion active users, Facebook has launched Reels for all users in the US, bringing its short-form video competitor to many more people.

    In all honesty, Facebook seems more excited about the addition than anybody else.

    The Social Network has been testing Reels in its main app since March, starting in India, where TikTok is banned, giving Facebook more opportunity to capitalize on the popularity of the format.

    And now, it’s bringing the option to its 250 Million+ US audience.

    It’s a good angle for Facebook to take, especially considering that Facebook groups are used by more than 1.8 billion people every month. 

    Facebook is looking to use the advantage it has in hosting these dedicated communities to maximize Reels usage and make it a bigger trend through more focused engagement.

     Facebook also knows that part of the lure of TikTok is reach and the potential for internet fame. However, it’s keen to point out that Reels on Facebook can also provide that as well.

    “Reels can reach everyone, not just your existing followers, making it possible for the most creative, funny, and inspiring people to break out."

    The expanded reach across both apps is one area in which Facebook has an advantage over TikTok.

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