• Fall 2020 Butt Rubb an Astounding Success in an Unprecedented Time

    The Rotary Club of Destin is pleased to announce a successful Fall fundraiser, despite unprecedented times. Rotary members rubbed, smoked, pulled, shredded and cooked 180 pork butts, sold 174 and donated six. Of the money raised, the Destin Rotary Club is supporting various charities, including Food For Thought, Harvest House Destin, the Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation (MKAF), and the Boys and Girls Club of Okaloosa County. The entire club participated by either selling, rubbing the butts with its secret blend of spices, staying overnight to monitor the progress, or serving as a member of the busting butts and distribution teams. In total, members logged in more than 175 hours of volunteering to make the event a success.

    The Rotary Club of Destin is known for its smoked pork butts which have won many awards over the years! To sell the butts, Destin Rotary provided a link on the Destin Rotary website, posted the fundraiser on Facebook and submitted the information to local media. Then, they each shared the posts to their friends and family as well as the articles, thereby getting the information out. Customers were able to pay for the butts online. The pork butts are approximately 5 lbs. (pre-smoked) and sell for $45. Rotary members pull and bag them for the customer’s convenience. 

    Club President Clayton Hicks stated, “Destin Rotarians were engaged more than ever in this fundraiser to help four local charities whose initiatives are a perfect fit for the club’s mission of eradicating hunger and educational outreach to empower populations serving youth, special needs and wounded soldiers in our community. We are still very much focused on helping fund the massive needs of the club’s charitable causes, especially during this time of pandemic when so many organizations have had to cancel events and their fundraising efforts have been cancelled. We continue to make a difference in our community even during this challenging time.”

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