• Fort Walton Beach Medical Center First in Region to Offer New Treatment for Patients Suffering from Long-Standing AFIB

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    June 01, 2021
    Fort Walton Beach Medical Center (FWBMC) is pleased to announce it is the first hospital in the region to offer a new therapy to treat patients diagnosed with long-standing persistent atrial fibrillation (Afib), who until now had very few treatment options. This new procedure, called the Hybrid Afib Convergent procedure, utilizes the EPi-Sense® System, recently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to help patients with long-standing Afib, a population that represents over three million patients in the U.S. alone, or nearly half of all diagnosed Afib patients.

    This new minimally invasive procedure involves epicardial (outside of the heart) ablation plus endocardial (inside of the heart) radiofrequency (RF) ablation—thereby treating 2 key trigger areas where Afib can begin. 

    “Given that these patients have no other comparable treatment options today, our electrophysiology practice will now offer this new procedure,” said Dr. Ajit Janardhan. “This new Hybrid Afib Convergent procedure is the only proven minimally invasive ablation therapy to treat patients who have been in AFib for more than one year.” 
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