• Foster Care Not Broken at CIC

    A recent article appeared in the NWF Daily News titled “The System is so Broken” by USA Today network investigators concerning the State of Florida’s foster care system. On the contrary, DCF Circuit 1, and Okaloosa County, Children in Crisis’ (CIC) Children’s Neighborhood has provided homes and excellent care to over 985 children during the past 12 years.

    In 2003, Children in Crisis, Inc., was formed to address the shortage of foster homes in our community. Construction began in 2007, and the Susanna Wesley Emergency Shelter and Blessings Family Foster Home opened in 2008. Since then, four more homes have been built and Opportunity Home, a transition apartment building for young adults aging out of foster care. Our community can be proud that foster care is not broken at CIC.  

    We are passionate about providing safe homes, keeping brothers and sisters together, and meeting the total needs of the children in our care. Extensive background checks are completed on every employee annually. Our homes are inspected by multiple agencies for safety. Our shelter and family homes are purposely large to give a home to those large sibling groups that would otherwise be separated and further traumatized. Many abused and neglected children have experienced severe trauma and need therapy to heal their brokenness.  Oftentimes, the children have never had medical or dental care, and receive this vital care at CIC. Many of our foster children are typically one to two years behind in school. CIC’s Education Director ensures that our children receive the help they need to advance and be successful students. Recreation and enrichment activities round out the experience for our foster children. While the children come to us wounded and broken, they leave knowing they can be successful with hope for a bright future.  

    You can make a difference by supporting CIC as we continue to care for foster children far into the future.  

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