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    November 16, 2020
    Google wants to make its users happy. The happier people are with search results, the more they will use Google. 
    To gauge user satisfaction, Google looks at User Experience (UX) Signals. In simple terms, it looks at how people interact with a page and then rates the page based on those interactions. 
    If Google sees people interacting with your site in positive ways, it will rank you higher in the search results. 
    So how does Google determine if people are happy with your site? Several things.
    First, it looks at how many people click on your page in the search results.
    A high click-through-rate (CTR) means that, based on the title of your page, people think it’s relevant to their search. 
    If you want a higher CTR, it is important to make your page title and description attention-grabbing. It must stand out among the crowd. 
    The second UX signal Google looks at is dwell time, which is how long someone stays on your site after clicking on the search result. 
    If people stay on your site for a long time, it means that your content is satisfying to users. 
    On the other hand, if they leave quickly it means that your site is not relevant to users. 
    So how do you lengthen dwell time on your site? The primary way is to create great content that people really want to consume. 
    A few other ways include: 
    Use quick, snappy intros so visitors know right away that you can help them.
    Make your content easy to read, with lots of subheadings, paragraph breaks, and more.
    Embed videos that supplement what you’ve written.
    Link to other related pages on your site.
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