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    August 11, 2021
    Can you believe it? We are celebrating the 100th (!!!) episode of the Hello Frances Podcast! To our listeners, thank you so much for tuning in every Monday to listen to us. In celebration of this milestone, we decided to look back at your top 10 favorite episodes! 

    1. Don’t Be Afraid to Take Chances with Kimberly Cadena 
    Kimberly and Shantelle candidly share their experience of starting their businesses and the importance that taking chances has played throughout their careers. Both business owners agree that taking chances merely begins when you decide to launch your business. As an entrepreneur, you’ll be faced with the decision to take risks daily, but as time goes on, you learn which chances are worth taking. This is an excellent discussion between two marketing professionals that encompasses advice on saying no, reaching out to competitors, processing setbacks and so much more.

    2. Family First with Ellen May 
    Listen in as Shantelle and guest Ellen May, Center Director for Hawaii Job Corps talk about Family First work cultures, how it works within Frances Roy, and a very candid discussion about when Family First treads into “unfair” waters. They do a little off-road, and over time, offer an insider view into what brought them together, starting a “Moai,” and how the bonds of friends and mutual mentorship remain strong through time and distance. 

    3. Business Development During a Pandemic 
    Do you know who your target audience is? Are you fulfilling all of your promises to your current customers? Do you know who your value is most appropriate for? The answers to all of these questions need to be defined to continuously succeed in business development. Creating personal, mutually beneficial relationships is the key to a sustainable business. Listen to the full episode for Shantelle’s outlook on business development during a pandemic and beyond.

    4. Styling a Startup with Sara Pestella 
    Like many entrepreneurs, Sara didn’t know what she was getting herself into when she decided to launch her business Level 10 Salon, but she knew she had to make her business-owner dreams a reality! With years of preparing herself for the leap, she shares how she had been building brand consistency and recognition long before the salon doors would open.

    5. Welcome to Our Podcast 
    We start with hello! Listen for our very first episode of the Hello Frances Podcast. 

    6. Working Remotely 
    Is the future of work remote? Shantelle and Kelsey share their thoughts on the answer to this question, the pros and cons of remote work, the personality types that handle remote work the best, and how to stay engaged with your team while working remotely. While most of Kelsey’s work is completed alone, she emphasizes the importance of collaborating and staying in constant communication with her team members to make sure everyone is on the same page.

    7. Lacking the Motivation… What Now?
    Shantelle shares her advice to entrepreneurs who feel less than motivated. She encourages listeners to commit to their creative pursuits and form habits that will help them reach their goals, rather than relying on a commitment to be the driving force. She also provides tips on how she overcomes a lack of motivation, including talking with a mentor, writing down a to-do list, and taking a break from social media. 

    8. Launching Community Initiatives with Michelle Terry 
    Michelle shares that her reasoning for starting community initiatives was simply because she noticed a hole in the community and felt compelled to fill the void. When asked why she felt the urge to help out with these projects, Michelle said, “If there is a need that you can fulfill, and you have the resources, gifts, and talents to help, you are obligated to do it.” We love this outlook and couldn’t agree more!  

    9. Life Hacks with THE Frances
    Frances shares her tips for how we can spend our time, use our resources wisely and stay positive throughout these unprecedented times. Although the situation is different, Frances is channeling many simple-living tactics during COVID-19 that she learned as a child growing up. Frances has been through tough times before and is sharing some strategies you can use to maneuver these tough times as well.

    10. The Rad World of Sean Murphy 
    Sean Murphy candidly talks with Shantelle and Hillaree about his background in the production industry, working in California, and his return to working in our community. He shares his experiences in managing a team, specifically those who are just starting in the industry. He openly discusses his struggles with this aspect of the business, and how he encourages his team to sharpen their skills with the parts of the job that don’t come naturally to them.

    We look forward to the next 100 episodes! If you’d like us to cover a particular topic on the podcast, send us an email at hello@francesroy.com.

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