• How to Constantly get in touch with Your Clients - Value Journey Step 3

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    June 19, 2020

    In the previous email, we talked about Customer Awareness and Engaging. Last time we discussed how to engage in meaningful conversation. Once someone likes their experience with your brand, trust begins to build.  Now, it's time to get their permission to constantly be in touch with them.

    Here comes the next step of Customer Value Journey:
    Step 3: Creating Subscribers 
    Think back to the “date” example. After you had your first date, you like and trust each other. Where do you go from here?
    You’ve most likely exchanged contact info, email, phone numbers, and social media. 
    ==> You have earned the right to this more personal information because there is a level of trust. And that trust makes all the difference.
    With the trust, they will give you any their limited resources, whether it’s time, money or effort. Plus, now they have a desire to find out more about what you have to offer!
    This value is based on them and the internal conversations they are having talking about you or your business. This step is where you give them something really valuable, that addresses their needs, and in exchange, they give you an email address! They’ve become a subscriber to your email list!

    Here are some ideas of REAL value you can offer to get those precious subscribers.
    -        Questionnaires that helps determine their business value
    -        Virtual tour of your facility
    -        Checklist to help create a business plan
    It’s instant, the real value that meets their real needs! It builds trust and shows trust.
    For your business, these are people with a real interest in your business. They’ve opened up a line of communication between you and them.

    In our next email, we will talk about Step 4: Commitment or Conversation.

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