• How to Craft a Cold Email That Converts

    Last week, we talked about writing a cold email that converts without being pushy. I'm sure we have all sent cold emails to prospects before, and what people don't realize is the amount of competition there is on the prospect's receiving inbox.
    In our previous newsletter, we talked about great techniques for writing a cold email that converts, and in this newsletter we'll talk about how to craft it.
    Here are a few best-performing cold email subject line ideas with questions:
    Need help?
    {{first_name}}, can we connect?
    You ok, {{first_name}}?
    Have you thought of {{relevant_offer}}?
    Want to talk about {{topic}}?
    Want to learn more about {{solution}}?
    Collaborate? 🤝
    Your thoughts?
    Available for a chat?
    Why did you go?
    Ready to discuss {{problem}}?
    Are you happy with {{competitor}}?
    Do you accept guest posts?
    New role?
    Blog post update?
    As with any other part of the cold email, there are a few essential best practices on how to make your email snippet convert:
    Make it relevant to the subject line.
    Make them short and catchy (between 40-50 characters in length).
    Include a CTA to encourage prospects to open your email.
    And a few examples of subject lines with power words.
    Here are some examples that you can utilize in your emails today:
    Quick solution for {{industry}}
    Simple tool to automate your {{process}}
    Sharing our growth secret
    Join private {{industry}} community
    Key to {{company}} growth
    Submit your expert opinion on {{topic}}
    Sharing our best strategy on {[topic}}
    Get lifetime access to {{product}}
    3 basic things you should know about {{topic}}
    Techniques to avoid
    There are some techniques that are better to avoid when you do cold outreach. Yes, you might have a good open rate with them (using clickbait, for example), but you will lose your points to engage at the next step, which could be a reply or direct conversion from your prospects.
    1. Try to avoid mainstream cold email subject lines
    There are so many cold email subject line examples around the web, so it’s tough to run out of new ideas, especially if you modify them and add a new perspective.
    However, I noticed that some of the subject lines for cold outreach emails are getting overused. Every time I see them in my inbox, I understand that most likely it will be spam or, in a better case, not personalized bulk cold outreach.
    There are at least two types of subject lines that most often pop-up in my inbox:
    Quick question
    Appropriate person
    You can still have high open rates with similar subject lines. They are short and catchy, and will perfectly work for those who have never seen them. However, one of the main points for successful outreach is to be creative and use unique subject lines that are very personal and related to your email.
    2. Don’t use clickbait
    It doesn’t matter if you are sending a cold or warm email—you should never use clickbait.
    The chances are that your prospects open your email when you offer something outstanding. But after reading a couple of sentences of your email, it will be pretty clear that you are breaking your promise.
    No matter what your promise is in a subject line, you have to confirm it with the message inside of your email.
    It doesn’t make sense to create “loud” subject lines for your cold outreach campaign. In the end, what matters is a conversion rate, not the open rate of your emails.
    So, please try to avoid similar subject lines:
    This email will change your life
    Get 10X more money in 3 days
    One thing you need to do to become a millionaire
    What about follow-ups—do I have to create a different subject line for them?
    The best practice would be to use the same thread with the same subject line for your cold follow-up.
    This way, prospects quickly get reminded about the offer from the previous email. Moreover, in this case, you can use follow-ups to continue telling the story or offering additional benefits.
    However, you can send a different subject line for your follow-up email if the first email wasn’t opened (likely because the first subject line wasn’t as catchy).
    Examples of subject lines for cold email follow-ups:
    Our next step
    Sending the info I promised you
    I hate follow-ups
    Great speaking with you
    I forgot to mention
    What would you say?
    Just {{number of days}} day left
    Nice to meet you {{first_name}}
    Let’s take another look at {{topic}}
    Great meeting you at {{place/event}}
    What would change your mind?
    Where should we begin?
    Are you still interested?
    These tips on how to craft a cold email and the surrounding techniques and practices will help you write a cold email that will convert more so than other cold email methods.

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