• How to Craft Brand Messaging Your Target Audience Will Love

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    January 26, 2021
    As a consumer — and a marketer — one of my favorite brands to watch is Taco Bell. In the last five years or so, Taco Bell has begun making strides in its brand messaging.
    The brand has reinvented itself on social media, introducing a new, bold personality. With its food, packaging, marketing campaigns, events, philanthropic efforts, and interior design, Taco Bell reinvented itself into a full-on lifestyle brand.
    Doing this — telling a compelling brand story through messaging — isn't easy.
    Marketers understand the need and importance of having an entire brand identity to communicate what their business does, what it's about, and why it's different. Oh, and it needs to resonate with people and strengthen your company's values and reputation.
    This is because, according to research from Bergische University, brands produce similar feelings as the ones we feel when we like someone. So, we actually feel similarly about brands as we do about people.
    That's why marketers focus on craft brand messaging that their audience can relate to. Here are a few tips for creating messaging that stays true to your brand: 
    1. Stay focused on the brand positioning: With all the content you write, ask yourself, "Is this true to our values?"
    2. Relate to your audience: When you create content, use your buyer personas and brand messaging document to ensure that you're talking about something that's relevant to your audience.
    3. Don't be perfect: Similarly to the point above, people aren't perfect and brands shouldn't be either. Don't over-promise and communicate that you're perfect because you aren't and it'll come off disingenuous.
    4. Communicate your message everywhere: In everything you write and all your marketing decisions, think about your brand message. Whether you're writing copy for your website, creating slogans for packaging, or marketing an event, your copy needs to communicate your brand message.
    5. Be simple: Keep it simple. If your brand's personality or overall values are confusing or hard to discern, people won't relate to you. The last thing you want to do is create a brand message that your audience is confused by.
    Your personality and values should be evident and align with that of your audience. Your brand message is something that's strategically created to help you stand out and relate to your customers. 
    You might be wondering, "Now what? How do I get started?" Follow AB+Production's Facebook page for more tips.
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