• How to Create Customer Awareness

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    June 05, 2020

    In the last article we talked about an 8 step process called “A Customer Value Journey.”  

    It’s the path a company takes a potential customer on to convert them from a stranger to a buyer to a raving fan. 
    The first of the 8 steps is all about customer awareness. People need to know your business exists. So, think of this step as the introduction you get when you meet someone new.  Whether it’s a cute person at the end of a bar, a dating service profile, or your business, you want to STAND OUT.  

    Customers can’t buy from you if they don’t know who you are or what you have to offer. 
    So how can people find out about you? Does your business have a Facebook or Instagram page? Do you have your own website?  

    If you do, where do you fall in the Google search results? These are all things to consider when working on this stage as they are the primary ways to organically raise awareness. 
    Your focus during Step 1 should be SEO, which stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. Good SEO helps your online business rank higher in search results so you can be found. Local SEO helps by refining the focus to those searching the internet in your local area so they know what you have to offer.  
    You MUST reach out, get found, and stand out from the rest in the competitive world of business.

    There are some solid and effective ways to create awareness online. Some include paid ads on Google and Facebook ads.  They are great ways to begin to reach out and make yourself known. 
    Please stay on the lookout for our next email where we will talk about Step 2: Creating Engaging Conversation.
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