• How to Start a Meaningful Conversation with Your Clients - Value Journey 2

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    June 12, 2020
    AB Production

    Thank you for coming back on the Value Journey with me as we discuss the 8 steps to creating a powerful word of mouth marketing campaign for your business.  

    Last week's article discussed step 1, talking about customer awareness.  Now that they are aware, we need to talk about

    Step 2: Engaging Conversation 
    This step is about engaging in meaningful, valuable conversations.

    It is so VITAL, you will come back to this step repeatedly throughout the journey.  

    I mean, think about it. You don’t go on a first date with someone and only say “hello” at the beginning of the evening, do you? No.

    It’s your first date.

    You get to know one another.
    You ask questions.
    You answer questions.
    You tell stories, share photos on your phone.

    And in doing so you make a connection.
    You begin to form a relationship.  

    That’s exactly what this step is like. 
    Why do I say you will be coming back to this step again and again? For the same reason, you don’t stop talking to someone after a successful first date.  

    You want it to grow and thrive.  You continue to communicate, continue to nurture your relationship, continue to share and grow closer together.
    Here are some ways you can create those conversations for your audience: 
    - Blog posts
    - Video content
    - Facebook group
    - Livestreaming

    The options to engage in conversation are always expanding, but it’s up to you to utilize them properly.  
    This is why I want to make sure you stay tuned next week where we will talk about

    Step 3: Creating Subscribers
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