• Marketing Checklist for your Business in 2021

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    September 17, 2021
    In 2021, a marketing checklist for your business is essential. In order to succeed and grow in a competitive market, it's not enough to only commit to one strategy and continue to follow it for the life span of your business. You have to be able to adapt your strategies when the market changes. It is not only about producing good content, but you also have to be on top of social media trends to make your content applicable to the current market.

    Now, it's more important than ever to stay on top of your marketing game. Here are some things every business should be doing in order to have a successful year:

    Change your Passwords - You should be changing your password regularly, but it's good digital hygiene to update your passwords each year.

    Check your Content Strategy - Does the rest of the content in 2021 align with your goals? Check your messaging for seasonality, keyword inclusion, and value to your audience.

    Lead Generation - Is your website optimized for generating leads? Your website is an important foundation, so make sure there are multiple opportunities for visitors to sign up for your newsletter, submit a form, create a login, or download content.

    Google Analytics Account Health - Audit your Google Analytics account to ensure your metrics align with your goals. Are you tracking everything you'd like to track, and have your goals changed?

    SEO - Check your organic traffic and position in the Google Search Console, or you may use a tool like SEM Rush. Does your marketing plan include tactics to grow organically?

    Email Marketing - Do you have a plan to keep your contacts engaged? Have you considered unsubscribing or archiving contacts who have not engaged with your emails to improve your Open Rates? Based on what you see, you can then implement procedures to reflect the changes.

    Automation - Have you found ways to automate your sales and marketing tasks to increase conversion rates? Which content do you need to curate to push leads further down the funnel?

    Video Marketing - Video was the #1 source of content consumed on social media in 2020. Do you have a video marketing strategy included in your 2021 plan?

    Organic Social Media - Is your content calendar ready to launch? Create a plan to share your content that includes timely updates.

    Facebook & Instagram Ads - Set your ad account up for success by starting with clear objectives, optimized pixels, and creative testing to ensure performance. Optimize creative placements with Facebook's new Creative Hub tools.

    Google Ads - Conduct keyword research for opportunities to identify emerging trends that relate to your business, and audit your landing pages to ensure that your ads align with your on-site messaging.

    As a marketing agency, AB+Production, LLC, follows this checklist and more to stay ahead of the competition.

    If you have any questions regarding this marketing checklist, be sure to reach out to us at info@abplusproduction.com.
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