• New Win-Win Buyer's Program only at ECM

    Guaranteed BEST Seasonal Savings Plus Major Advantages on Your New Boat Purchase!
    Emerald Coast Marine is pleased to offer a unique boat buyer program that provides customers with the ultimate purchasing power, available exclusively from October – February

    Here’s how the ECM Win-Win Program works
    Local buyers simply select the boat make and model along with the options, power and color preferences they desire. ECM will place a custom boat order with the manufacturer of choice AND will package the deal with the following advantages and benefits: 

    ECM is able to provide the absolute best possible pricing by passing along its savings earned through volume discounts. By purchasing a direct custom order, buyers avoid stock inventory interest carrying costs, including any manufacturer rebates and incentives. 

    ECM will provide the absolute best possible trade-in value by providing customers with today’s high pre-owned trade-in value.  ECM will also pay-off their current boat loan in advance AND provide a tax savings for trading in their vessel.

    Other BIG advantages include reducing or eliminating monthly principle and interest payments, insurance, maintenance and storage costs until your new boat arrives. 

    By custom-ordering your boat exactly as you want it, there is no need to pay for options that a dealer ordered for a stock boat. You pay only for what you want, saving significantly off standard inventory packages! 

    For many, being without a boat is a major obstacle to ordering a custom boat. ECM has solved that problem! ECM will provide an awesome opportunity for your family to continue to enjoy boating while you wait for your new boat to be built. We have provided a full, interim Emerald Coast Boat Club membership featuring our best Platinum Membership Program! ECM will waive the initiation fee (Valued at $8,000); your only cost is the monthly membership dues, plus fuel and provisions.
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