• Quality or Quantity — What's More Important on Social Media?

    With everyone fighting for attention on social media, experimenting with something new or trends. The truth is that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution when it comes to posting frequency on social media. However, there is one thing that remains true no matter your business or industry — what you post matters more than how often you do it. 

    Don’t panic — make a plan
    It happens all too often. Following trends (especially if you catch them early) can be a phenomenal way to capture attention, but it comes at a cost - you become like everyone else. On the other side, only doing what you believe is right, can lead to you not being able to reach your full potential on social media. You start to notice that your posts aren’t receiving engagement, and so you start posting in a flurry, hoping to grab whatever attention you can. Then, when those posts don’t perform well, you post even more (but in a panic, rather than with careful thought). And the cycle continues.

    It’s better to have one post with high engagement than five posts with little engagement. Not only does this mean you are doing a better job of serving your audience, but you will be favored by algorithms.

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