• SocialLee Relevant Episode 27: How to Start Blogging For Your Biz with Laura Holloway of Storyteller

    If you think blogs are only written by influencers that want to share an online diary then you are totally WRONG.  What most people don’t realize is that blogs are extremely valuable tools for businesses to have on their website, because they can greatly impact your Google ranking and increase your online reach.

    Tune in to today’s episode of Sociallee Relevant to hear blogging genius and owner of Storyteller Agency, Laura Holloway, as she sits down with Whitney Lee to explain how blogging can impact your business.

    Laura is bringing awareness to how blogging strategy can help your business rank higher in Google results, how you should approach your blog topics, and how you can enhance your blog’s results with links. Tune in to learn why you should invest in a blog for your website ASAP.

    Listen here.

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