• The Witches are Ready to Ride

    The Witches of South Walton are set to ride in the 17th Annual Witch Ride this October with changes in place for 2020. The Witches will again be riding to support the mission of Children’s Volunteer Health Network (CVHN), providing dental, vision and mental health services for children in Walton and Okaloosa counties. The Witches are excited to announce a ride in the Bluewater Bay/Niceville area of Okaloosa County furthering the awareness of the cause. 
    “What started out as a casual ride amongst friends in 2004 has grown into nearly 400 participants in 2019” said Stephen Brinker, President of the Witches of South Walton. “Our 2019 ride raised more than $19,000 dollars for CVHN crushing our previous year’s total. It's always great to see how something as simple as riding a bike can get so many ladies together to help those in need.”
    Pre-ride events will also take place in both Walton and Okaloosa counties. Participants can pick up packets at Grayton Seafood on Oct. 28, in Grayton Beach, or at 3rd Planet Brewery on Oct. 29, in Niceville. Both events will run from 5 - 8 p.m., with live music, drink special and more.
    The 2020 Witch Ride will be like no ride The Witches of South Walton has had. Gathering limits and health precautions are being followed for everyone's safety. Due to this, The Witches added additional ride options. These rides will complement the traditional morning ride along Hwy 30a. In South Walton The Witches of South Walton added two (2) rides; a sunset ride and a weekend ride. A new ride tradition is starting for the Niceville area riders with the introduction of the Bluewater Ride that will follow the morning ride tradition. The popularity of the additional ride options has been noticed as many have already sold out. 
    A very unique “There’s No Place Like Home to Ride” will bring The Witch Ride to additional neighborhoods and communities across the area and the country. These participants can ride at their leisure when they see fit. Participation packets, or “swag bags” will be sent out to all who register to ride. The swag bag will include the coveted “Walton County Witch” sticker, signature mimosa cup and many other goodies.
    The rides will take place on the Friday and Saturday of Halloween weekend Oct. 30 and 31, launching from Gulf Place in South Walton and the Bluewater Bay in Okaloosa County. Riders should arrive early to decorate their bikes prior to their ride beginning. Full details for all rides including launch time, locations, routes and other information can be found on the Witches of South Walton’s website.
    Post ride festivities have been reshaped to keep everyone safe this year. After each of the rides in South Walton, participants will gather for some post-ride potions, a social hour with mimosa and a special raffle happening. The Bluewater Riders will conclude their ride at 3rd Planet Brewery where festivities will follow including drinks, an on-site food truck serving brunch, music and some small raffles. 
    The raffle and silent auction have moved online to be open to event riders & other supporters both here and afar. As with past raffles participants can expect a selection of great items from various businesses in the community. The ever-popular competitions; Most Witchy Outfit, Witchiest Cackle & Best Broom (bike) Decor have also moved online. The Witches of South Walton are asking participants to submit the best looks and haunting cackles via email. Vote-by-Donation will take place to decide the winner of each competition.
    Another new feature for 2020 is the Battle of the Klatches. A group competition to see whose klatch (team) can raise the most funds through their own unique ways. The winning klatch will have a reserved front of the line spot in the 2021 Founders Ride and a reserved table at Brunch.
    “We have participants come in town from all over the country, and every year, riders rave about how much fun this event is,” said Carol Stafford, a ride founder. “Nothing gets you in the spirit of Halloween like dressing as a witch and riding your bike down Highway 30A. We get lots of honks and give lots of cackles!”
    Witch Ride 2020
    10/28   @ 5:00p   Witches Brew    Grayton Seafood

    10/29   @ 5:00p    Pre-Flight Witch Night    3rd Planet Brewery
    10/30   @ 7:00a    Founders Ride                Gulf Place
                                    post ride                         Shunk Gulley

    10/30   @ 8:00a    Bluewater Ride                Tango 3 Coffee
                                    post ride                          3rd Planet Brewery 

    10/30   @ 5:30p    Sunset Ride                     Gulf Place
                                    post ride                                 
    10/31   @ 10:30a   Goblin Ride                     Gulf Place
                                    post ride                           Perfect Pig-Gulf Place
    Event Registration at www.WitchRide.com
    For more information and details about all events, go to the Witches of South Walton website at www.WitchesOfSouthWalton.com, or follow The Witches of South Walton on Facebook and Instagram for the latest announcements.

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