• Tips for Video Pre-Production with Ada Bowman

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    August 02, 2021
    AB+Production LLC
    In order for the videographer to have a clear scope of work and help you achieve the vision you want for your brand, you must do the following for your video idea:

    Write it Down: First of all, you must write your video idea down as thoughts or ranting regarding your idea. You may think that "less is more," but that is not the case. The more information we have about the video, the more we can sense about the direction you want the video to go in.

    Send Idea to Videographer/Team: Then, you can send your finished thoughts to our videographer. Based on what you have sent, they will prepare that information in a format that is more understanding for them when they begin their work process. Remember, the more idea and content you provide, the more we can understand about your vision for the video.

    Storyboard/Pre-production: Our videographer and team will then take that information and come up with a short storyboard. This is in order for them to have a clear path and a vision for the video so that they can film properly and make the story come out right. This includes a shot list, plan, and other measures, so when our videographer sends back the information to you, it is in a manner that is easy to understand and make changes.

    Remember, a video without a good story is just another video.

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