• Veterans 48 To Host Flags of Honor Escorts on April 1

    On April 1, local non-profit Veterans 48 will host Flags of Honor Escorts. These escorts ride American flags to Veterans memorials and programs around the country, bringing awareness to the 22 Veteran suicides each day. Then they present the flags to Gold Star families to let them know we have not forgotten their sacrifice to keep our country safe. 

    Up to 10 riders will arrive by 6 p.m., on April 1, to eat and sleep at Veterans 48's 50 Hill Avenue location in Ft. Walton Beach. Veterans 48 founder Jeff Powell plans to feed and entertain the riders "Southern-Style" and needs volunteers and food sponsors willing to visit and share with the riders. To help, please contact Jeff at (850) 598-3036 or jeff@veterans48.org.

    Veterans 48 builds modified motorcycles for wounded Veterans. More importantly, it recreates the familiar pace Veterans knew in the service, building connections and a caring community. For more information, visit https://veterans48.org/.

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