• WaterVue holds Pantry Party for CIC Kids

    Tiffany Merrell with WaterVue helped the kids living at Children in Crisis by holding a Pantry Party for CIC Kids.  Thanks to the generous donations from the staff and supporters through the “Pantry Party”, the kids living at the CIC Neighborhood received necessary food and supplies to stock the CIC Kay’s Cupboard Food Pantry.

    WaterVue at Brooks Street is a breathtaking waterfront venue for special occasion.  It’s a perfect location for weddings, corporate events and events.

    According to Ken Hair, CIC President & CEO, “The donation helped provide pantry essentials for each home in the CIC Neighborhood.  This donation truly makes a difference and we are very thankful.”

    Children in Crisis, Inc. is a 501(c)(3), non-profit charity of caring people working together to provide homes and establish hope to the abused, neglected, and abandoned children of our community. The Children’s Neighborhood is a beautiful facility, built by the generous support of our community.  To learn more about Children in Crisis call 850-864-4242 or visit www.childrenincrisisfl.org.

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