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  • The Destin harbor is a highlight of the Destin area. We boast the largest charter fishing fleet in the state of Florida. You can see each day’s catch being brought in along our docks. The best catches come in from about 4 - 6 pm every afternoon, especially on Fridays and Saturdays. Walking the dock is free, and we have ample parking. Thousands of tourists come to our marina every year to walk the dock and see the catch.

    Deep-sea bottom fishing is among the specialty of Destin’s fleet. Red snapper, grouper, triggerfish, scamp, and amberjack are all caught using this method. In addition, charter boats also troll near the coast, finding cobia, black fin tuna, king mackerel, bluefish, barracuda, and Spanish mackerel. Far offshore, trollers can find white and blue marlin, wahoo, and sailfish. More than 100 charter and party boats call Destin home, and range in size from six passenger capacity to ones that can handle more than 100 anglers. Price for the charters may vary by boat, and include bait and tackle. Meals can also be arranged with the boat captain.

    Whether snorkeling beneath Destin’s waters, parasailing high above, or relaxing aboard a sunset cruise on a glass bottom boat or a high-speed racer, Destin offers visitors an exciting experience on our beautiful waterways. The entire family will enjoy seeing dolphins swimming in the wake of a sightseeing excursion.

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